The Heart of our Event

Volunteers are the heart and soul of this event. The person who gives you the bib package, the ski fan who makes sure your shuttle to the start arrives on time, the woman who provides essential fuel out on the course, the crew making the finish line party a highlight of your season, these are all volunteers.

It is traditional to call out a few volunteers on the event website as representatives of the hundreds of people who will make this dream a reality.

Some major ski events have paid staff members; S2S has volunteers. Please remember to thank one when you get the chance.

The Visionaries

Norm Crerar, Mike Bell, and Eric de Nys came up with a vision that brought in Sovereign Lake Nordic Club, SilverStar Mountain Resort, and the first 20 volunteers. After years of talk about a shared showcase event, these three people put the spark into the tinder.

A group of volunteers met up at the end of March 2021 to chat about ideas.

Volunteers out reviewing aid station locations in July.