Club Championships

Club Championships

We are holding a club championships for “Finishing is Winning”.  The club that gets the highest percentage of members to do the event will win a $2000 cash prize as well an award to display back at their club.  

New for 2024: we will also be awarding cash prizes to 2nd and 3rd as well.  2nd will win $1000 and 3rd will win $500.  

As distance matters, the result will be adjusted based on how far your club is from us.  Very roughly speaking the result will be a ranking based on the “% of members finishing the event” times “the approximate number of travel hours that your club is from Sovereign Lake Nordic Club”.  So encourage your membership to come out and win the championship!  For a club to qualify it must have a membership of at least 100 members.  Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is not eligible to win the Club Championships. 

If your club is from outside of British Columbia please contact to confirm the process for determining the number of members in your club.

Yellowknife was the winner of the $2000 purse in 2023.