Courses and Maps

The Courses

The courses are designed to create a unique experience, with additions that aren't part of the 100km trail system the locals ski from early November to mid-April.

We have created long and short training courses that are as similar as possible to the event day, modified to only use open trails in their approved direction.  You can view, animate, and download the training courses here: long and short.

40km Route Details

The route is approximately 40km with about 800m of total climbing.  Trails were chosen to give a gentle first 10km before rolling and twisting through the trees and popping out at the maximum number of viewpoints.   The final 3.5km is a flowy downhill to ensure everyone arrives at the party with a smile on their face.

Download the 40km map pdf.

21km Course Details

The short course shares most of the flatter sections of the 40km course, taking two shortcuts to reduce the distance. Total climb is about 300m.

Download the 21km map pdf.

The course videos below were all filmed in April 2021.