2024 Registration is Closed

April 6, 2024: Classic Technique

April 7, 2024: Skate Technique

Note change in refund policy which allows for later refunds.  See registration link for more details.

This year we are capping at 1200 registrations.  In our first year we had 500 and last year we had 800.  We are hoping that there will be room right until the close, but this is less growth than we had last year, so register early, to get a cheaper rate and to avoid disappointment!

There are new lower rates for our younger skiers in the 21km.   All other rates have stayed the same or gone down slightly.

To help younger athletes trying to make it on the national/international level you can receive an entry fee discount if you have an FIS license and by agreeing to help promote the event.  Send an email to for more details. 

You can register for one day or both days, and you can ski either two long distances or two short distances or mix and match!  Skiers who register for both days get a $15 credit for the second event.  Due to the low fee for U12 21km, the discount for two events does not apply.

Giving Back

As skiers, we know how much sport has given to us: physical and mental health plus simple joy. Even in non-active life stages (career, children, illness, …), we always know that sport is waiting for us. There are children who are denied these lifelong benefits for financial reasons. KidSport exists to give the life-changing power of sport to kids who would otherwise miss out. Donate here to change a child’s life.

In 2022, S2S raised $8,000 for KidSport. In 2023, that increased to $11,500. Help us help kids by registering, volunteering, or sponsoring for 2024.