Make the commitment to having fun

Registration opened June 1st

We are capping the total entries at 1,000 registrations for 2023. In our inaugural year, with COVID, we were well over 500 registrations, so book early to make sure you get a spot, and to save some money!

You can register for one day or both days, and you can ski either two long distances or two short distances or mix and match! Skiers who register for both days get a $15 credit for the second event.

Refund Policy:

Until Dec 31st, refunds will be given unconditionally. Just send an e-mail to

After Dec 31st, refunds will only be provided in the event of the cancellation of the S2S Ski Marathon event. If the event is cancelled, a refund of your registration fee less an administration charge (based on the event costs incurred) will be made to you. A refund of individual registration fees will only be provided for medical reasons and if receives notification WITH medical documentation prior to the close of registration.

April 1, 2023: Free Technique

April 2, 2023: Classic Technique

Giving Back

As skiers, we know how much sport has given to us: physical and mental health plus simple joy. Even in non-active life stages (career, children, illness, …), we always know that sport is waiting for us. There are children who are denied these lifelong benefits for financial reasons. KidSport exists to give the life-changing power of sport to kids who would otherwise miss out. Donate here to change a child’s life.