Thank you for helping out!!!

We really appreciate your willingness to assist with this event.  We also hope that you will do one of the events on one of the days.  If you're planning to do that please reach out to Pat at volunteer@sovereign2silverstar.com and he will provide you a discount code for a volunteer rate.

Below you can either go to the general volunteer page and choose to volunteer for any of the available spots, or if you are specifically looking to volunteer in a specific area, click that link and it will take you to the right location for those volunteer opportunities.  The name in brackets is the name of the chief.  

If you click on one of the links and nothing shows up it is mostly because the opportunity is full.  If you then click on "All Opportunites" you can see other opportunities that might interest you.   Once again, thanks so much!

All Opportunities: All Volunteer Shifts

General Volunteer: General Volunteer

Course (Rick): Course

Feed Station (Liz): Feed Station 

Finish Line (Karen & Norm): Finish Line Festival   

Logistics (Ed): Logistics

Marshals (Alex): Marshals

Race Office (Marcus): Race Office

Stadium (Tbd): Stadium

Timing (Jennifer): Timing

Athlete Services (Jeff): Athlete Services

Volunteer Services (Pat): Volunteer Services