Finishing is Winning!

April 6, 2024: Classic Technique (40k and 21k)

April 7, 2024: Skate Technique (40k and 21k)

The Big Picture

Sovereign Lake NC and SilverStar Mountain Resort have teamed up to present the Sovereign2SilverStar Ski Marathon, now in its third season. A point to party event with two of everything: two days (classic and skate), two distances each day (40km and 21km), and two ski areas (start at Sovereign Lake and finish on Main Street of SilverStar village).

Finishing is Winning: After the ‘competitive’ waves start, the smaller ‘fun’ waves are be spaced out to allow everyone to enjoy their time on the trails. With the largest daily groomed network of Nordic trails in Canada, there are no laps or repeated trail sections, just a lot of scenery. 

The two areas are working together to build an adventure that carries on well after the skiing is done. When you get to the finish line you're just getting started as the party gets underway at the great local restaurants and bars. 

Twenty minutes away and 1,200m lower in elevation, springtime in Vernon is something to experience with paddling, mountain biking, wine tasting, and golfing options. 

Will we have snow in April? With the perfect altitude and 7 metres of annual snowfall the answer is Yes!  Just ask anyone who has been to our Spring Fling skiing week in May. Or see our video of what a 'lower than normal' snow base looked like during the 2022 event. Or another blue hard wax day in 2023.

Club Championships

The winner for 2023 is Yellowknife Ski Club!

We are holding a club championships for “Finishing is Winning”.  The club that gets the highest percentage of members to do the event will win a $2000 cash prize as well an award to display back at their club.  And of course as distance matters, the result will be adjusted based on how far your club is from us.  Very roughly speaking the result will be a ranking based on the “% of members finishing the event” times “the approximate number of travel hours that your club is from Sovereign Lake Nordic Club”.  So encourage your membership to come out and win the championship!  For a club to qualify it must have a membership of at least 100 members.  Early bird registration is still open until Nov 20th, 2022.  Sovereign Lake Nordic Club is not eligible to win the Club Championships. 

If your club is from outside of British Columbia please contact to confirm the process for determining the number of members in your club.

Giving Back

You helped us give $11,500 to Kidsport in 2023!

Kidsport is our partner charity for the event.  As skiers, we know how much sport has given to us: physical and mental health plus simple joy. Even in non-active life stages (career, children, illness, …), we always know that sport is waiting for us. There are children who are denied these lifelong benefits for financial reasons. KidSport exists to give the life-changing power of sport to kids who would otherwise miss out. Donate here to change a child’s life or register to help us contribute to KidSport.  In 2022 you made it possible for us to make an $8,000 donation.